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Learn the New Ropes of Real Estate Investing

Life Design Systems LLC is teamed up with a group of real estate investors that are expanding nationwide to teach you all you need to know to become a more successful real estate investor. This real estate group thrived during the 2008 Market Crash while others went under. Property investments are a great addition to any financial portfolio, but the laws change and we keep up with the current issues. You can use the properties to bring in more residual income in the form of rent; rehabilitate and sell them for immediate profit, or use them in a range of ways. Put them in a Self-Directed Retirement Fund.

Become a Mentor

Our program keeps up with real estate laws and regulations as they change - so as long as you pay your annual fee, you are kept abreast of the latest changes. Our package includes several education on real estate investments, including both marketing and investment strategies to help ensure your success. Included online coaching is available for those unable to physically attend classes, and webinars are open to all.

Our attendees enjoy the prospect of financial freedom, less taxes, and better retirement options. These classes are improved by our experienced teachers. Classes are led by successful men and women who have used the same strategies they teach to earn millions of dollars. In fact, no teacher is accepted unless they are millionaires using the same ideas. You'll be able to go check on the information as long as you remain a member, and keep up with the changes as the classes and materials are updated to reflect new laws. You can also earn a 6 figure income as a mentor to new interns. Join us today and learn the ins and outs of real estate investing in the current markets.

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