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Student Loans In the last 35 years college tuition has gone up 900%. The average student debt is 27K per person. People that go to graduate school often end up with north of 100K in student debt. Because of this epidemic of student-debt, it’s not just the students who are being personally affected; it’s families, relationships, and also the economy. People in severe debt tend to put less money back into the economy, invest in real estate, and start families. And this isn’t just affecting the coming Gen-Y that’s entering the workforce; this problem reaches far into the Babyboomer generation with an estimated 9.5% of people in their 60’s and 9.4% of people in their 50’s defaulting on student loan debt.

How do we stop this hemorrhaging of student-indebtedness and decades-long bondage to the lenders? Become a Real Estate Investor Intern which will cost you less than the average college students’ debt. The courses are set up like the University of Phoenix and they are taught by millionaire practitioners. You take the classes as many times as you need to and you can earn $1,000 to $10,000 dollars a week off referral while you learn like a work study program. Sounds too good to be true?  Check it out at: Please fill out the contact form to view a 15 minute Webinar of the Real Estate Student Overview and get started today!